Acne Hyperpigmentation


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  • You are really beautiful inside out, you don’t get out of anything sharing
    this, but you chose to help, a lot of people on YT are more like endorsing
    the products and they’re nothing less than being plastic, but you, it’s so
    hard to find someone like you<3 ο»Ώ

  • Just about anyone can end up with acne. My much older buddy had it as
    severely as his boy. Both had been able to cure themselves the moment they
    came across the Acne Executioner (Google it). The majority of people won’t
    be as lucky as them.

  • Hello! I think I suffer from hyperpigmentation because it looks
    red/purpleish like a pimple but is completely flat and smooth. It is kind
    of annoying. I don’t even think I have much acne, but it looks like I do
    because of the dark spots. Did you end up doing a review on ambi? like a
    whole video on it? I would love to watch it as I am soooo tired of these
    pigmentations lol

  • sorry not trying to be rude but just thought I would let you know, AHA’s
    actually ‘eat’ the dead skin cells apposed to just lifting them from your
    skin so I would recommend not buffing your skin to much after as it can
    actually buff away the top layer of your epidermis πŸ™‚

  • I suggest you leave it alone, give it four days & if it doesn’t seem like
    its fading you can try exfoliating and drinking tons of water πŸ™‚ and if it
    seems like its taking to long I swear on the ambi cream lol

  • see i am boy …. i had got two small patches of hyperpigmentation ( excess
    melanin ) during a clinical therapy for gettin rid of acne. doctor had put
    some numbing cream ,and my face reacted to it dramatically… now i have a
    major ( 2) scars on ma face. now how to get rid of that.. by the way i am
    using a fairness pack , an acne facewash and a cream to resolve
    hyperpigmention …is it cool ?

  • I know what you mean, i had a ton of spots but it just takes patience, it
    doesnt leave you with lighter spots it makes your skin even, if the spots
    are darker & youre just using a lightener on the dark spots they should get
    light enough to match with the rest of your skin.

  • But how do you use this on your spots if you have a lot of spots. Meaning,
    if I have a bunch of spots that are small, wouldn’t I be left with light
    spot on my face. I dot want to look weird

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