Acne Scar Removal


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  • yes sure , but before you need to remove acne by medicines and creams ,
    that are being recommended from the doctor in which you go ! After first
    treatment with medicines , then you’re ready for fractional , doesn’t
    matter the age you have !

  • Why does the persons nose look like a totally different shape in the before
    and After photos.In the first picture the nose looked more pointed but the
    last picture the nose looked rounded .This is a bit slunk.Is is it two
    different people of were those photos photoshoped?

  • you should have taken the after picture at the same angle as the before
    picture as you can’t compare properly if the pictures are at different
    angles as scars can look totally different at different angles (as I would
    expect the case is here and the results not as good as seems)

  • This treatment so if anyone has had it done please contact me about your
    experience and share your knowledge of the precautions and after
    treatments. Also how long does the redness last after the treatments?

  • How many sessions before u see a satisfying result? I went to Dr Cindy’s in
    Spore. It cost me almost S$1000/- & it WAS painful. Too much to bear for me
    to go once more!

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