Hypopigmentation Treatment


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  • Have to disagree with video. You can gain pigment back. I’ve used ginger
    root and dermarolling in combination with a little sun exposure (put
    sunblock on the rest of your exposed skin). The process takes time but I
    have definitely seen improvement. 🙂

  • this was one of the worst videos i have ever seen. first of all this is
    entirely false because just my mother and i have come up with solutions do
    diminish this skin condition. i dont how much research she has done but his
    entirely false about hypopigmentation being completley permenant. Even
    though it is most likely impossible to gain all pigmentation back, but not
    certain, thier are still various ways to gain most skin pigmentation back.
    Not saying i know everything, nor does my mother.

  • @simeon1954 not really! ShareRemoveFlag for spamBlock UserUnblock Userhey i
    have been rubbing ginger from a ginger root all over my body and i have
    seen a quick differnce. I have seen your video before but i thought it
    would be best if i tried first before i recommended it. Must i say, i have
    seen a drastic differnce in a short period of time. The spots got darker
    and more similar to my skin tone. If you dont believe this, research on
    ginger and how it helps ppl with hypo recover.

  • the strange thing is that on videos that talking about hyperpigmentation
    and lightening brown spots, a lot of people start going on about racism and
    political correctness rubbish, but on this video about having
    hypopigmentation theres no complaint that it discriminates against white
    people. wierdness

  • i seem to have this after catching poision ivy, are you saying there is
    nothing i can do about it? what about v tar? or lazer treatment or vitaligo
    gel? thank you.

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