How To Get Rid Of Keloids


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  • Im doing the rubber band thing now but my keloid was originally small and
    now it shrunk and its dried up. My earl lobe is a bit swollen. Is that

  • Hey i have a keloid on my leftear on the bottom lobe but its on both sides
    of my ear in he front and back. It looks like two grapes on each side of my
    ear . Do u think i can still remove the front one the shows the most or
    will it be a waste of time since there is one on each side of my ear? 

  • Hey I Have A Small To Medium Size Keloid Behind My Ear And I Cant Fit The
    Rubberband Around My Keloid, Should I Just Wait For It To Get Bigger Or

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  • I like your eyes! But I have a very small keloid on my left ear and it’s on
    the front. It’s really gross. I’ve been trying to get rid of it and I’ve
    tried a knife but that was stupid. But thanks. I will definitely try this!

  • the surgery didnt help me and i kept my pressure earring on 24/7. you can
    try cryotherapy(silver nitrate is used) it will kill the cells and the
    keloid will fall off. the sad part is,you can lose your earlobe if too much
    is used. but its more effective than surgery.

  • you know it should! tying a string/elastic band on the ear will
    prevent oxygen from getting to the keloid,thus preventing farther growth
    and the cells will die from lack of oxygen.this is what cryotherapy does
    too, but its faster. it will die and fall off. i did surgery on my ear and
    now its growing back. it took me $6000 for both ears. when i was small we
    did a similar thing our puppies tail,when we want them short. we tie a
    rubber band on it and in a few weeks it falls off.

  • I have many keloid scars too. The most prominent one is on my jawline. My
    advice to all fellow keloid sufferer is learn to deal with it mentally
    until a proper cure is found. Do not try all those unorthodox methods. Very
    often they will cause more harm than help. Listen to the advice of your
    skin doctors and leave it at that. Compensate for the ugliness of the scars
    by finding other ways to make you look more attractive. For example, u can
    work out to have a better figure or dress better.

  • did you leave the rubber band on the whole time like from day 1 to day 10??
    and what size rubber band did you use?? like the small black ones or the
    beige/yellow looking ones people wear on their wrists?? Thanks!!

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