Hyperpigmentation Acne


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Stacey Elma

Hello, I'm Stacey Elma and I'm the one writing most of the stuff on this website. I'm passionate about helping others with their skin concerns. Feel free to talk to me on Twitter.

  • i dont think she did cuz most asians also have perfect doubled eyelids e-e
    my mom has perfect doubled eyelids so yer..and she’s asian e-e its all

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  • Wow Sharon…what a beautiful young lady you are! I’m not saying that
    because of your appearance – your intelligence is what makes you attractive
    =D You sound so passionate about skin care – You’d make a great

  • @blondegaijin I’m sorry that’s all you got out of it, but I talked about so
    much more. Obviously, you didn’t get the point of this video. I was
    clarifying a lot about the subject. The subject of scar removal is complex.
    I was also responding to my subscribers who have watched my skin improve
    substantially by sharing all I did and know. It seems like you want a clear
    cut answer, but there isn’t one. Good luck trying to find the answer you

  • This is highly helpful. I like how honest you are with us. How can I help
    my skin from someone wearing two pounds of makeup? I can’t. Normal people
    have weak moments and pick at their acne! and I’ve been fighting with that
    too. I think that is a large portion of how your skin looks (if you pick at
    it) Basically, thank you so much for this video… it’s really honest and
    helpful. Your skin looks really healthy… you can tell that you love your
    skin! you do your research!!

  • :O I’m gonna b stuck with a HUGE scar right between my eyebrows for 4-6
    months I’m gonna die ppl make fun of me so much saying r u Indian or
    somthin wen they know I’m not I’m gonna need lots of foundation to cover
    this πŸ™

  • Hi and thank you so much for sharing your story and journey. You’ve given
    everyone out there some hope and positivity which at times seem elusive
    like a white unicorn! When my acne heals, it leaves a tiny dark mark very
    similar to a beauty mark. I’ve not been able to identify what this scaring
    would be called on the acne.org site? In your opinion would this be
    considered a macule(sp)? Much tx! You’re gorgeous!!

  • @ninebellavintage do you mind sharing what AHA product it is that you use?
    i have a lot of hyperpigmentation too that im beyond ready to get rid of.

  • hi sharon..i’m a little over 3 weeks on the regimen and yesterday broke out
    like crazy again i dont know why… i feel so bad cuz it was getting better
    then this happened.. i use a full finger length bp. still dry but nit as
    flaky as before. i dont know what to do. i have the aha but im scared to
    use it as it may cause more cystic acne.. i’m stressing out over my skin
    it’s annoying.

  • I used to have heaps of acne too. I had those tiny ones all over my cheek
    and forehead area. Your skin is gorgeous! πŸ˜€ Hopefully you can eventually
    get off the acne meds πŸ™‚

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