Hypertrophic Scars


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  • Hi, my name is Maria and i had a scar called a congenital nevi, thats what
    the surgeon told me anyway. So i decided to remove it since it had a risk
    of becoming a cancer cell though i know that is rare, and now i have a
    keloid scar, since the incision the doctors made was a little deep. I was
    wondering what i should do know? get a surgery, or some kind of laser
    treatment or do nothing, because alot of the treatments are not very
    helpful and can even make the scar worse, please help!!!

  • I used an expensive gel like this that I bought from a dermatologist’s
    office.. I had cortisone injections too… AND I tried lazer and none of
    them worked! πŸ™ I want to look into some kind of fake skin… like a graft
    or something… my whole left arm is covered in raised scars

  • I am in the exact same boat as you. I wish this information was available
    years ago. I am thinking of giving Kelo Cote advanced formula gel a try. 20
    g tube costs under $27 at amazon.com. Healing time is 3-6 months for old
    hypertrophied scars of the sort I have. Hope it works.

  • got my scar on the backside of my right arm ( broke it while arm wrestling
    YEAH ) HUGE fracture and an enourmous scar. i love it.

  • This video was very helpful to me I had no idea my scar would become
    painful and higher overtime this is my first and only raised scar, I only
    got it about a month from a dog biting my face and im glad i found this out
    before it was too late for me to get that laser treatment im going to look
    into it.

  • I don’t know which one to chose since it’s on my face, I don’t want to make
    it worst. Is steroid injection safe or i may get atrophy and
    hyperpigmentation? or would laser work? if so which kind of laser would

  • I have a raised scar and had it since July, I want to get it removed not
    treat it, could I get it removed all at once, rather then waiting months.

  • i have a raised scar under my nose but above my mouth. i have had it for
    about two years at first i was using mederma like when i first got it but i
    stopped using it because i lost my tube of mederma. will it be too late for
    my scarring to go down since it has been two years?

  • I’ve had a deep scar for a year now (raised but slightly flat) What’s the
    best way to treat it??? from this video I’m going to start using vaseline
    and rubbing…..

  • Hey Doctor can u please make a video about scars that are deep. My scar in
    my eyebrow is NOT raised is actually the Opposite of it. My scar is long
    and a lil deep. It annoys me because when i go out in the sun u could see
    like how deep it is. Kinda like an acne scar, except the scar in longer.
    Plz Help. Thxs.

  • This is superb information, thank you! Just one question. How old does the
    scar have to be, before it’s considered too late to treat with milder, over
    the counter treatments? I have a bothersome surgical scar that is nearly 4
    years old

  • Hello doctor, as your videos now getting more viewers we wish if you could
    spend abit more time on your video and make it more informativ, like in
    this video you talk about few different scars but most people dont no all
    that typ of scars you talking is it simeller to their scars or not so if
    you was showing some photos or pictuer of those scars you talked it was
    much more helpful, thanks again for this video.

  • my sister had carpel tunnel surgery and a keloid formed in place of her
    scar. she has been applying spectragel on it twice a day for 9 months now.
    the scar is not as raised as before but its still raised, reddish and wide.
    how much longer does she need to keep using spectragel or is there a better
    option for her? thank you

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