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  • Hey! Great video! I am just wondering, would this help against a red scar?
    It’s on my face and it looks like a little red dot. Yes it was from me
    picking at my face btw.ο»Ώ

  • You’re funny! And thank you for posting a review that was actually about
    your experience. I was having trouble getting a straightforward review and
    it was annoying! I’m going to try Mederma soon, I have some pretty bad acne
    scars :/ btw you have like flawless skin!!ο»Ώ

  • My daughter suffered from severe acne since she was 12. Today she’s 34 and
    only last year eliminated her pimple breakouts. She discovered the Acne
    Executioner (Google it) and it revealed to her the way to rectify acne

  • I haven’t personally tried, but I’m sure it could. Mosquito bites scar from
    scratchy, similarly to how acne scars from peeling and scraping. ~Laur

  • Congrats on the progress! I personally haven’t heard of or tried the other
    brands besides Mederma, so I’d say give it a try if it sounds like it’ll
    help the type of scars that are sticking around! ~Laur

  • Thank your for the helpful video, I have 10-year raised scars on both of my
    chins because of acne inflammation, I took injection last year and applied
    Silicone sheet on them for about five months, those scars have been
    improved much, but still look red and noticeable, right now I am planing to
    use Mederma, but I am on the fence to choose which product , such as
    Kelo-cote, Scar Away?, please give some advice. Thanks!

  • Yeah, sometimes it would show some of the sloughing off skin process. To
    me, I thought it actually helped since it was taking another bit of that
    scarred skin away. I wouldn’t be worried unless it stays red, irritated, or
    itchy. ~Laur

  • I’ve just started using it today but I’ve found if I touch my face on e
    it’s dry it rubs off like a thin layer of skin or something. Has any1 else
    experienced that?

  • Lol ain’t nobody got time for that xD . I’m hoping this will work for my
    acne scars . I have a lot from always picking at my acne πŸ™

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