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Hello, I'm Stacey Elma and I'm the one writing most of the stuff on this website. I'm passionate about helping others with their skin concerns. Feel free to talk to me on Twitter.

  • Out of papaya and pomegranate witch one is the best for your face? I have
    blemishes and a little bumps on my face that are not noticeable but I feel
    them, I’m also gonna use this tea tree mask, is that good? 

  • The honey is expensive in Denmark aswell. In Denmark i got 500g for about
    40$ witch is really cheap here. But i think that it’s worth it, since i
    only need less than a teaspoon if i only apply manuka honey to my face. But
    i like raw hony aswell, since manuka honey can leave my skin a little dry
    if i use it like 4 days in a row (i usually have manuka honey on my face
    for 30 – 40 minuts and raw honey for 10 – 30 minuts)

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  • Thanks a lot for your video. I thought i would never whiten my skin but as
    opposed to my doctor’s prediction, i brightened my skin pigmentations
    naturally, without any medicines & just in a few days, after years of
    trying some other treatments. you can too! here’s how..

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