Hyperpigmentation And Its Effects


Hyperpigmentation is a skin disorder that darkens skin because of an increase of melanin in the skin. This could be caused by skin injuries, damage by the sun, acne, and other skin conditions.

Melanin is a part of the pigment that produces the color in parts of the body like the skin, hair and the eyes. As we age melanin becomes less of a factor and its development becomes less pronounced. Its production can be more stimulated by an outside source.

Darker skinned people may be more susceptible to hyperpigmentation, especially if they are exposed to skin injuries or sunlight.

Skin lotions that lighten the skin can be a cause of the condition. It can also be affected by acne that has healed, as darker, discolored spots can manifest on the skin. Addison’s disease is an adrenal insufficiency disease, which can cause hormones that affect the synthesis of melanin to be elevated to the point of increasing the amount of melanin that is produced by the body. Cushing’s disease, or Melasma, is a patchy darkening of areas on the skin during pregnancy, and the exposure of certain chemicals all are causative factors in stimulating the disease.

Mercury poisoning, which can come from skin whitening lotions that contain small amounts of mercury, can be a cause of hyperpigmentation. The laser treatments to remove unwanted hair have also been found to cause the condition of hyperpigmentation.

Treatment of the condition requires an analysis of a very thorough nature be performed on the skin of the affected person. The severity of the condition needs to be assessed as well as clues that might determine whether or not the person should be treated for any other condition that might be present.

Sometimes the darkened skin condition will return to normal with nothing being done to correct it.

A highly recommended procedure by doctors to relieve a patient with hyperpigmentation, is a treatment with an intense pulsed light. It is called Photofacial and should only be administered by a physician. If the treatment is not handled properly, it can make the hyperpigmentation worse, so a person should research and choose the correct doctor.

A chemical peel such as a TCA peel, or deeper phenol peel are remedies for the condition. Once again, an experienced practitioner should perform these remedies because pigment irregularities and scarring can be the result if not performed by the proper doctor.

A laser peel in which a laser is used to perform treatments of resurfacing actions is another popular method. Common lasers that are used are Co2 and fractional lasers that are used for this purpose.

There are products that contain skin lightening properties such as retinoids, hydroquinone, Vitamin C, and kojic acid that have been shown to help in reducing the condition.

This skin condition can be caused by many different situations and are varied and broad in its scope. Most of the time people will try one remedy and then another and will keep looking until something works. People are more concerned of course, if it occurs on the face, but other parts like the hands and arms are areas of concern as well.

The best policy if you have hyperpigmentation is to stay out of the sun as much as you can and don’t use any caustic lotions or ingredients on the skin. Products like Meladerm, that are made with naturally found ingredients have become very popular because they are safe and have produced great results for people suffering with hyperpigmentation.

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